Therapeutic Modalities

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Interferential Current
Pain relief and soft-tissue healing by interfering with the transmission of pain messages at the spinal cord level. Commonly used for pain control, joint injury syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders, increasing circulation, and pre/post-surgical pain.

Low-Volt Galvanic Stimulation
An application of direct current that acts to increase blood flow around an affected area. This helps to remove toxins, increase oxygen supply, retard infection, and decrease healing time. Commonly used for wound healing, edema reduction, carpal tunnel syndrome, and diabetic foot.

Russian Stimulation Current
Used for muscle strengthening, muscle spasms and edema reduction by stimulating motor nerves. Commonly used to build muscle, as a rehabilitation technique, and for scoliosis treatment.

Cryotherapy/Hydrocolator Therapy
Ice and heat therapies to control inflammation and induce muscular relaxation.

Ultrasound Therapy
Treats musculoskeletal injuries by assisting the healing of damaged tissues as well as decreasing pain and softening scar tissue.

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